Amity Crystal Grid
Amity Crystal Grid

Amity Crystal Grid


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A beautiful collaboration range between The Sacred Space Designs and Amity Created.

This unique to Amity and beautifully carved crystal grid allows you to amplify all intentions. Whether it be the manifestation of your dreams, goals, or greater life intentions, crystal grids allow you to amplify sacred power and energy.


The board includes:

Premium Birch Plywood with our Signature Bohemian Amity girl. The carvings reveal the different layers of the plywood which creates a really unique and beautiful look. 

- Each board measures at 300mm

Faux Suede bag with a felt lining. This pouch will keep your grid safe and sound when you are not using it.


How to use it: 

Step 1:  Create a sacred space by cleansing the area in which you are going to place your grid.

Step 2:  Tune in to what you would like to manifest or place intention towards. You may like to put your written intention in the middle of the grid or spend time verbalizing the intention.

Step 3:  Place a larger crystal in the middle or if you have a generator, that too works beautifully.

Step 4:  Choose to work with a selection of crystals that best match your intention. For example, if you are focusing on overall self-love, you might want to use amethyst and rose quartz.

Step 5:  Activate your grid by using a crystal point or your finger to individually touch each crystal, connecting them to each other.