moonlight loose leaf tea
moonlight loose leaf tea
moonlight loose leaf tea

MOONLIGHT - Loose leaf tea


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Who better to explain the delicate notes of this beautiful brew than the founder of Tielka,

Rebecca Domorev. 

"I brew this tea when I want a moment to feel like I have a snippet of beauty and serenity in my often crazy world. My desk is a mess, clothes are waiting to be ironed and the bed still hasn't been made, but in the middle of it all, I can find my pouch of Moonlight White Tea and every time it whisks me away to my secret place. There's something about those perfect lines of the tea buds, the smooth sweet aroma, and that silky mouth-feel... It's my perfect calm."

Loose leaf box: 20gm = 10 serves

NOTE: Typically served without milk

Tielka is one of the most highly awarded tea collection in Australia as of the 2018 Golden Leaf Awards. 



Certified Fairtrade organic Yueguang white tea



Skin: improves skin firmness and elasticity

Improves alertness, concentration and brain function

Improves memory

Enhances mood and sense of wellbeing



Temperature = 70°C

2 heaped tsp per 200ml

Brewing time = 3-5 mins