luna crystal candle
luna crystal candle
luna crystal candle
luna crystal candle
luna crystal candle

Luna Crystal Candle


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Embody Ritual: Clear Quartz & Moonstone

Cleanse. Release. Heal


The perfect way to move into your full moon ritual. Light luna, hear the flicker of the wood wick, watch the sage burn, breathe and allow yourself to release all that has been on your shoulders. 


- Ambered Sandalwood (NEW BLEND). Rich and warm with soft notes of patchouli and musk, blended with Cedarwood and Bergamot.

- Soy wax

- 50-55 hour burn time

- Wood wick

- Hand-poured candle

- Hand letter-pressed label



Upon first lighting, the candle, make sure to allow it to burn for at least 1 hour. Candles have wax memory, so wherever the wax melts for the first time, it will set the foundation for all the other burns. 

Trim wick in between burns.

Perfectly safe for the crystals to sit in the wax through the 50 hours. Take out and rinse it under running water when the wax no longer covers the crystal. 

Fire is a great way to cleanse crystals so it will feel wonderfully energised after 50-55 hours.