10 Mixed Wish Candles
10 Mixed Wish Candles

10 Mixed Wish Candles


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Whether for specific spellwork or general ritual practice, these wish candles are great to have near the altar or in a special drawer ready to go!

Included in this bundle are 10 candles, each colour is used for different intentions. 

Black: Protection, Neutralise negativity

White: Hope, Peace, Faith

Red: Courage, Strength

Yellow: Confidence, Happiness, Optimism

Pink: Love, Affection, Romance

Green: Abundance, Prosperity, Fertility, Health

Purple: Spirituality, Devotion, Healing

Orange: Creativity, Justice, Success, Determination

Dark Blue: Communication, Loyalty, Intuition, Forgiveness

Light blue: Calming, Truth Seeking, Dispel Anger


- Estimated burn time of 2 hours

- 1.1 x 10 cm tall

- Solid in colour

- Unscented