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About Amity:

Amity Created is a self-care brand for women who believe that magic is a warm cup of tea and a few quiet moments, just for themselves. At Amity, we believe that self-care is absolutely necessary - because sometimes being a strong woman takes more than we can give.


So, from the moment you receive one of our little treasure boxes, you’ll fall into the world of Amity – a whimsical place where nothing else matters except you, in that very moment, escaping with every sip.


If we rewind to 2016, all tucked away in a cozy bedroom in Sydney, Australia, Daniella Elias sketched the designs for her very first teacup range. Inspired by her love for a quiet cuppa, she knew her vision had to be shared.


These designs were brought to life by a talented artist all the way from Derbyshire, England, where the beautiful flowers that now feature on the Blossom Range, were hand painted one by one.


Fast-forward to 2018 and Daniella collaborated with Sydney artist Gemma Shorten to create the fresh greenery that features on the Enchanted Range. 


As the brand has evolved and changed over the past 3 years, so has the variety on the website. From teacups, tea and other self-care related items, Amity Created has become a space for you to find things to enhance the experience of your ‘me time’.

So fill your teacup and let your mind drift – we’ll meet you in the world of Amity.


A note from Daniella:

"At the very core, I believe that each and every woman should feel comfortable enough and worthy enough to take a little time for themselves, every single day.


The way I do this through Amity is by encouraging 5 minutes for something as simple as a hot cup of tea. Tea out of something that is beautifully designed, high quality and special for you to hold.


At Amity Created, I design teacups to create these magical moments, just for you."


Daniella Elias, founder of  Amity Created , is a passionate self-care advocate with a background in Sociology and Education. When she's not designing teacups or sipping on Earl Grey, she's teaching others about feeling comfortable and worthy in taking time out for themselves.

Daniella lives in Sydney, Australia and admits she's guilty of losing her zen in the morning traffic. She's a sucker for freshly made pancakes and has a strict no sharing policy when it comes to dessert! 

You can follow Daniella and her journey @thedaniellaelias and @amitycreated

Daniella Elias
Daniella Elias
Founder & Creative Director