8x Meditation & Soul-work bundle
8x Meditation & Soul-work bundle
8x Meditation & Soul-work bundle

8x Meditation & Soul-work bundle


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The Back to Breath Bundle is the all in one downloadable version of Daniella’s signature Back to Breath course. It allows you to re-embrace simplicity by bringing it back to breath.


Within this bundle, you receive 8x guided meditations that were purposefully created to slowly build your self-trust and inner connection.

Along with each meditation, there is in depth matching soul-work to help you further reconnect within.

Allow yourself to flow through them in order, or choose what ones best resonate within your life right now.


Included is a 50 page e-book which flows through :

  • The foundations (What meditation is, why is it so powerful, the basics, anchors, and taboos).

  • Ways to create space for yourself, mindfully breathe, and of course, the 8x meditations.

  • You wil provided different access points, varied visualizations, and more importantly, space to safely try them all so that you can decide what works best for you.


The themes for the 8 meditations:

  •  One: Mindful Pause (To break through self-imposed limitations
    when it comes to meditation)

  •  Two: Thought Clearing (To work on acknowledging and clearing thoughts)

  •  Three: Body Scan (To mindfully notice the areas of tension in your body)

  •  Four: Protective Light (To create a strong protective shield around my body)

  •  Five: Grounding (To reground yourself and connect to mother nature)

  •  Six: Morning Meditation (To begin my morning with mindful breathing instead of negative triggers)

  •  Seven: Energy Release (To release the toxic thoughts/energetic holds)

  •  Eight: Manifestation (To use visualisation as a form of manifestation)


Upon purchase, you gain access to an instant downloadable Zip file which included the E-book as a PDF file and 8x mp3 audio files, please save upon recieving.