Sage Candle (100% natural)
Sage Candle (100% natural)
Sage Candle (100% natural)

Sage Candle (100% natural)


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Ritual candles to re-connect to your soul journey.  

 Sage= Blue Sage & Eucalyptus


The Sage embodies deep understanding, endless wisdom, and clear communication. Enlightening our minds with truths and knowledge. The Sage enlightens your mind and soul. 

Infused with Amethyst to allow us to work with the Third Eye Chakra.


- 100% Natural: Blended with pure essential oils and natural solvents

- Hand-poured in Sydney, Australia with soy wax.

- 40 hour burn time (190mls) Medium-sized Jar

- Zero Fragrance | Zero Parrafin | Zero Nasties



This candle is 100% natural, the scent will be more subtle than what you may be used to, however, it is gentle and kinder on the nose than those containing chemical-based fragrances, low tox, and perfect for ritual use.