floral teacup amity designer seconds
multi teacup and saucer set

Multi Blossom - Seconds



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Your wild energy will have you sharing stories from your worldly travels, even if you only dreamt them up while sipping on your tea.

Every now and then, when we come across a little imperfection on our pretty teacup sets, we put them aside in a special place. Why? Because it's such a shame to be wasteful and we know there is someone out there who would be happy to give these special little pretties a home. SO, let's embraced the little 'flaws' - they make us unique and one of a kind!


Imperfections vary and could be any of the following:

- A slight excess of gold trim around the edging.

- A slight miss in the gold trim (sometimes hand-painting isn't so precise)

- Speckling under glaze (tiny black dots, this normally occurs during the firing process when the teacups are in the ovens).

- Small ink mark/dot on the teacup

- Small hole in decal


All imperfections are minor and the teacups are still in perfectly usable and presentable condition. Every cup deserves a loving home, even the flawed ones!