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If you were one of the lucky few to get your hands on our original 'Escape' blend, you would have had a chance to taste the creativiTEA  by the hands of Lisa from Tea at Henry's. 

Lisa is a Certified Tea Master and Tea Blender and has a passion for creating blends that enable people to have a piece of serenity in their day. 

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Lisa all about her brand and beautiful blends.


"Becoming a Mumma to the sweetest boy, Henry, has given me the space to explore ways to give life to my passion for tea... To find ways to allow others to experience the beauty and serenity that comes from tea..."

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Over the years, the tea tribe here at Amity have shared their many reasons for drinking tea throughout the day, I bet you have a story!

Why are you a tea lover and how did it all begin?

My earliest memory of drinking tea is as a child – perhaps 6 years old. We would visit my grandparents in the evening on a weekend and strong black tea was served to everyone from a big, knitted tea cosy covered teapot in mismatched teacups.

I remember lots of sugar and milk and Sao biscuits with grated cheese and tomato. I also remember as a kid drinking the tea dregs from the flask of tea that my dear late Dad would take to work with him. What was left at the end of the day was dark, over brewed and very sweet … but I loved it.

Tea was also a big part of my daily routine when I was studying at Uni. If it wasn’t for the shared pot (that is all we could afford) of a dark smoky brew at the Uni café with a lovely friend, I don’t think I would have achieved half as much as I did.

For my Mum and I, tea is also very special. It is always the first thing we do when we see each other. When my beautiful Mumma walks in the door, my first question is ‘would you like a cup of tea’?

We’ve cried, we’ve laughed and we’ve celebrated over tea. But for me it is not just the habit of drinking tea that is special. It is the sense of ritual and calm and relaxation that comes with its preparation. Choosing the tea for the moment, finding the right pot, measuring the tea, heating the water to the correct temperature… often chatting along the way. Brewing the tea for the perfect amount of time, choosing the best cup to serve from. All of these things are such an important part of the process.


How many cups a day do you drink and what is your go to blend?

Haha…. Every day starts with two cups of the signature blend I created for Tea at Henry’s. It is called Henry’s Breakfast. I always have it brewed strong and with a dash of milk. If we aren’t out and about having coffee, my morning cup can be an Earl Grey or savouring a new specialty or rare tea.

Next up will be a cup in the afternoon… again in honour of research.. it could be a tea latte, tea frappe, an iced tea or a simple but well brewed pure leaf tea.

My last cup of the day is reserved again for something special that I have come across from my fellow tea buddies…. Usually served with a little something sweet.

On weekends I also like to get really creative and infuse tea into cakes, desserts and even savoury dishes wherever I possibly can.

tea at henrys

Your brand is named ­­­­­Tea at Henry’s, I know there is a special reason for that, tell us about its significance.

Fortunately for me, becoming a Mumma to the sweetest boy, Henry, in 2015, has given me the space to explore ways to give life to my passion for tea. To find ways to allow others to experience the beauty and serenity that comes from tea, together with the sense of connection that it encourages.To allow others to recollect and evoke memories and to create and share memories with family and friends.

It has allowed me to create my beautiful boutique online tea store, Tea at Henry’s. I have worked tirelessly to source and test beautiful single origin teas and tea blends and I have also revealed my creative expression and passion for flavour through my own delicious tea blends.

I have curated what I hope tea lover’s will find is a stunning range of tea wares, including the gorgeous Amity Created range. 


Talk to us about your amazing blends – what inspires you in the blending process?

I love food! And I love thinking about how flavours work to complement or contradict each other. I’ve been inspired by many different things in my blends but the one thing that underpins most of my blends is memories and moments. It will often be the memory of a flavour, of another tea, a cake, a dessert or even a moment or memory captured at a location or event that provokes my inspiration.


When I say ‘Tea is powerful’ what does that mean to you?

Tea is about ritual. For me it is all about the creation of moments and memories. Tea allows me to focus on the beauty, serenity, calmness, tranquillity and connection that every day moments can facilitate if you let them. That is truly powerful to me.


You are clearly shaking up the industry in terms of creating delicious blends that are super accessible. What’s next for Tea at Henry’s?

My ultimate dream is to have a physical tea boutique but that is certainly a long way off. For now, with a 3 year old in toe, I am enjoying the opportunities that come to me each day through the sharing of my passion and love for all things tea.


Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now?

Henry is my inspiration… and my Mum. They are the two rocks from which I draw strength to give life to my creative side. I would have never been able to set up, launch and operate without either of them.


What surprising lessons have you learnt along the way?

Setting up and launching a small business is an extremely tough gig that is almost light years away from my previous existences of lawyer, academic and administrator. Persistence is critical.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d love for Amity Created tea lovers to join me on the Tea at Henry’s tea and memory journey - to reconnect with old memories and create beautiful new ones, in your own life and the lives of those you love.


Which is your fav Amity teacup & why?

Gosh this is tough. I love them all but I guess my absolute favourite is the multi-blossom. It is so pretty and fun and always brightens my day. What I would really, really love though is an orange blossom cup… to match our Tea at Henry’s branding… hint, hint Amity xo.



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