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When I originally came across Jess Loft and her amazing brand, I was absolutely intrigued by her unique and inspiring story. Jess is a tea enthusiast and the founder of Midsummer Tea. The path she took to creating this gorgeous range, is why I fell in love with her story. I was lucky enough to chat with Jess and am so excited to share with you!


“I believe it is important to fuel and treat your mind and body correctly in order to gain the most out of your daily life and to reach goals. I guess you could say it wasn't a surprise to my friends and family when I started a company that created healthy tea blends.”

Jess loft tea designer


Over the years, the tea tribe here at Amity have shared their many reasons for drinking tea throughout the day, I bet you have a story! Why are you a tea lover and how does it make you feel?

I have been drinking tea for many, many years now, and over the years I have bounced around to different types of tea - giving them all a go. I ‘ve always been a tea lover, I love the taste and the aroma, but mostly I love the way I feel sipping on tea.

The first sip is my favorite, I immediately feel calm and all of my thoughts just disappear.

 I, of course, enjoy the rest of the cup/pot of tea, but it’s the first sip that relaxes me. 


How many cups a day do you drink and what is your go-to blend?

Ok, so I'm a little crazy, but I would say I drink anywhere between 8-12 cups of tea a day haha!


We see that your journey into the world of tea is a unique one! Talk us through your big move from Australia to Sweden.

So basically, I met a guy in Melbourne, he just so happened to be Swedish. We hit it off, had this incredible summer romance for two weeks, then he went back to Sweden. We spoke on the phone for 3 months, sent letters in the post to each other, then I made the move. I sold my car, left my job, moved out of my apartment and literally boarded a plane to Sweden.

I was young, adventurous and madly in love, it seemed like the perfect idea haha. I had never been to Europe let alone Sweden so it was a pretty crazy thing to do. But now, 5 years on, I'm still living here with my love, we have a beautiful dog, and now I have a business that I adore.

Your brand is named Midsummer Teas, is there a special meaning or significance to the name?

Absolutely. I’ve been living in Sweden for 5 years now and my absolute favorite day of the year here is 'Midsommarafton' which translates to 'Midsummer Eve'. This is a much loved and celebrated tradition in Sweden. Everyone gets together, the girls dress in pretty floral or white dresses and we go off into the woods. First to gather birch branches and wildflowers to make the flower crowns and then we go and pick 7 different wildflowers to put under our pillows and sleep on. It is said that you will dream of the love of your life if you do this.

So it’s a really mystical, fun celebration - very typically Scandinavian. So, I thought this would be perfect for the name of my Swedish Tea company, especially since the flowers and berries in our blends have been handpicked in the Swedish woods.

Talk to us about your amazing blends – what are they and how are they beneficial?

We have four seasonal blends, all created with a base of organic silver needle white tea and blended with handpicked berries and flowers.

Each blend is designed to assist our bodies needs during each season.

 In Sweden, the seasons are very strong, meaning it snows in Winter, wildflowers and baby animals pop up in Spring, Summer is sunny and warm (most years), and the Autumn is colorful with orange, red, purple and yellow fallen leaves everywhere. It’s during the change in season when most people tend to catch a cold or flu, so I decided to create tea blends that would help prevent this. I also believe in eating with the seasons so creating seasonal blends of tea seemed appropriate. 

Our Summer blend is fruity and sweet, it has a lovely selection of Swedish berries such as blueberries, strawberries, and flowers such as elderflower and rose. This blend is perfect to drink as an iced tea, whip up a pitcher and serve with ice. The perfect healthy, cooling beverage to hydrate you in the summer months.

Our Autumn blend is loaded with vitamin c rich ingredients such as lingonberries, raspberries, and rosehip. This tea will start building up your immune system in preparation for the freezing winter to come.

Our Winter blend contains ginger, cinnamon, blueberries, and apple, it is very anti-bacterial and will help keep you strong or help fight the flu if it got you! It also keeps you warm and cozy of course. 

Our Spring blend is delicate and sweet with ingredients that will calm and soothe your body after the tough winter. It contains lavender, rose, pear and vanilla. This blend enables your body to relax.

 The silver needle white tea that we use in all of our blends is extremely antioxidant-rich and contains many health benefits. When we combine this white tea with Swedish superfoods you get the ultimate health beneficial tea blends.

midsummer tea blends

They sound phenomenal, how do we brew them?

The amount you put in your cup/teapot really depends on your own personal taste, as a rough guideline about 1.5 teaspoons per cup. For the best taste and to receive the best health benefits, brew the tea in water that is 70 degrees Celsius. Silver needle tea is more delicate than other tea leaves and brews best with a slightly lower temperature. Don't forget that from one serving of our tea you can refill at least 4 more times and still enjoy the taste and receive the benefits.


You are clearly shaking up the industry in terms of tea for health and making big steps towards wellness for individuals. How can we all get our hands on your blends? 

 All of our blends are available online at We are based in Sweden, but we ship internationally and are stocked in a Melbourne store called Swoon Lifestyle.


Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now?

 I've always followed nutritionists such as Lola Berry, Deliciously Ella, Kris Carr and Lee Holmes, and watching their passions coming to life has always inspired me to live mine. I have always been obsessed with natural health and well-being, I cook every day so that I know what I am putting into my body, I meditate most evenings, and I do some form of exercise every day.

I believe it is important to fuel and treat your mind and body correctly in order to gain the most out of your daily life and to reach goals. I guess you could say it wasn't a surprise to my friends and family when I started a company that created healthy tea blends. 


For more on the lovely Jess and to purchase some of her amazing blends, head over to or follow her journey here:





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