Talking Tea with the experts: Featuring Danielle Lo Passo from 90 Degrees Tea

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If you have ever purchased one of our Blind Date with a Books, you would have noticed, that the gorgeous loose leaf tea sampler attached, is from 90 Degrees Tea. This upcoming Australian brand is making sure only good things enter your daily cuppa. I was able to have a chat with founder Danielle Lo Passo about her love of tea and how the 90 Degrees journey began! Read below for more…

"Tea really has so many uses! Feeling lethargic? Have a black tea. Feeling a bit under the weather? Have green tea. Have an upset stomach? Have peppermint. For anything you’re experiencing on any given day, there’s going to be a tea that will help!”


Danielle 90 degrees tea

Over the years, the tea tribe here at Amity have shared their many reasons for drinking tea and their explanation for how it makes them feel. Considering you have created this beautiful business, I bet you have a story! Tell us all about it…

Absolutely! I remember going out with my friend, Tracy, once and she ordered us some teas. I’d normally have my usual Lipton at home with mum but this one came out with fancy loose leaves, pretty equipment and a big process for brewing - I was hooked!

Since then I’d fallen in love with the whole ritual of tea and sought out as many different black tea blends that I could find! While that was a lot of fun, when I became more health conscious a few years later and started eating organic food, I found that the options for really delicious organic blends were limited.

I’m not a big herbal lover personally and that’s all that was really around. Plus I love all things fashionable and could never find any stylish packaging!

One of my best friends, Jessica, and I decided to play around with making our own organic tea blends one day to combat the flavor issue and the rest is history!

90degrees was a rebrand of what was once a sort of ‘side hobby’ and I’m so proud of what it is becoming. We are different to other tea brands because our focus is on providing quality organic and flavorsome blends as well as gorgeous aesthetics, so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Your brand is named 90 Degrees tea, is there a special meaning or significance to the name?
Yes! Usually, the standard brewing temperature for green tea is 80 degrees and black tea is boiling so 90 degrees sits right in the middle!


How many cups a day do you drink and what is your go-to blend from your range?
2 to 4 depending on how tired I am haha! I’m a massive black tea lover so I’m a bit boring and usually go for our English Breakfast but Chai is a very close 2nd! Though one of my absolute favourites is a blend that we are releasing closer to winter! All I’m saying is that it was based around my favorite dessert…


Talk to us about your amazing blends and how they are beneficial?
Well firstly, we source the absolute best quality of everything we can find. The black tea we use in a lot of our blends actually took AGES to find but it’s absolutely delicious and from an incredible organic biodynamic farm in Sri Lanka. They actually put money back into their own community too! So that’s very special in itself.

The green tea is from an organic farm in the Himalayas and honestly, I’ve never tasted a green tea as nice as that one. Quality is so important - you really do taste the difference!

Being mostly organic, you don’t need to worry about added chemicals which is always a plus.
Flavour is super important to us so we tried so many different combinations of each blend before they’re added to the range. You’ll notice in our blends that you can’t see a lot of ingredients. That’s because we aren’t adding flavorings or oils so what you’re seeing is what you’re drinking.

The herbs, spices, and flowers all have amazing health properties that can’t be denied. I secretly call our Chai the ‘germ buster!’

90 degrees tea

How do you recommend storing them?
A lot of people actually ask why we hide our leaves in black packaging but the reason is actually because light and air destroys the integrity of the leaves! So we recommend storing them in either the bag they come in and make sure you roll the top down and secure the tie, or storing the tea in one of our gorgeous tins. This way you’re ensuring freshness that won’t lose the quality.


How can we all get our hands on your blends?
You can purchase our retail bags online at
We are also stocked in a few boutique stores:
Gold Coast - Social Brew Burleigh, Good Time Trader
Murwullimbah - Blush Clothing Playhouse
Sunshine Coast - CK Wholefoods


Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now?
I am inspired by ‘do-ers’. People who just give something a go even if they’re going in blind. Tea has always been a hobby but being the over-achiever that I am, I wanted to push this ‘hobby’ further and see if it could really make a splash in the market! Getting positive feedback from our customers really gives me the drive to continue!


What surprising lessons have you learnt along the way?
Packaging is expensive!! haha There have been so many skills I’ve learned along this journey. Coming from a totally different industry, I had no clue about wholesaling, suppliers, correct labelling, marketing, branding etc. So learning about all of that has been a huge eye-opener! I’ve also learned that it’s important to ask millions of questions and make sure you have a clear picture in mind for the brand.


Why is it important to have a tea moment per day?
Tea really has so many uses! Feeling lethargic? Have a black tea. Feeling a bit under the weather? Have a green tea. Have an upset stomach? Have  peppermint. For anything you’re experiencing on any given day, there’s going to be a tea that will help! We do have self-serve tea bags for people who need to grab and go (these have literally saved my life), but if you actually go through the process of bringing out the teapot and brewing your leaves - it’s actually such a relaxing process. We all need that time to unwind at the end of the day!

Also, if you suffer from anxiety like myself, drinking tea really clears your head and calms you down.


Is there anything else you would like to add?
Now that the brand is becoming more established, we would like to move to become more eco-friendly. This is a transition that is currently in the works and will hopefully be able to roll out sooner rather than later! It’s so important to look after the environment and we are going to find a stylish way to do that!


Want to follow Danielle on her journey? Follow her at


Also, use the code: AMITY10 to receive 10% off her entire tea range!

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