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You already know that every now and then I like to catch up with one of the beautiful souls in my tea community.


Today I was lucky enough to talk to a woman who has inspired me many times on my Amity journey, the lovely Kira Hyde. Kira describes herself as a creative first and redhead second. She is also an amazing brand strategist, designer, as well as a mentor for millennial women in biz. Yeah, I know, impressive!


Check out the chat I had with her below…


kira hyde

Why are you a tea lover and how does drinking tea make you feel?

 Sipping a cup of tea makes me feel like I’m coming home, not to a particular place but to a safe space where only myself and my thoughts exist. No one can question a girl and her cup of tea! It’s my uninterrupted time to just get lost in the aromas and soak in the flavors. Whilst sipping tea I do my best dreaming and creating, I play with designs and put together words in my mind. Nearly every great idea I’ve ever had has been with a cuppa tea in my hand!


On average, how many cups a day do you drink and what is your go-to blend?

 Oh gosh - too many to count some days. I’d say at least five to eight cups, even more if I work late into the night!

 My go-to blend is always a chai. I love how diverse the brews are. I have a collection of sweet blends to spice blends to the more wholesome blends. Every blend has something unique to bring to the teacup. Some I have with milk on the side, others I brew with the milk and some I add a spoonful of honey!

My top three are - one that I found in Sweden (I’m still trying to track it down!), another from a cafe in a small regional Victorian town called Maldon and lastly is one my grandfather makes himself - even though every batch is slightly different!


You are doing some pretty phenomenal things within your design business, recently you launched a whole new online education community, tell us about that…

Well, it’s definitely been a whirlwind, to say the least! I guess it all started with my design services. I like to work one on one and make each project an experience where I guide my clients through each phase, I try and make it really inclusive and personal. By the end, I like to think I’ve created a brand identity that captures the true essence of their vision, as well as authentically compelling their target audience and naturally distinguishing them from their competitors. It’s a very intensive process and in a way, I mentor them through the entire launch.

Going through this process is where I quickly realized that whilst my main passion is design, I also have another passion. I love helping women strive to achieve their level of success - in the most encouraging way possible. So I’ve created the community Launch Your Laptop Lifestyle with this in mind. Within in it I offer support, free resources and I’ve just launched my signature program - an online course called the 7 Day Launch Fast-Track.

The common theme throughout the whole community is ‘designing your life, your way’ and it’s my happy place! Like a cuppa tea, it’s where I go to when I want to dream, not just for myself but for the women in biz who want to achieve a freedom lifestyle.


Which is your fav Amity teacup and why?

I think it would have to be the pink blossom! It’s romantic, elegant and feminine - I can get lost in it while reading Austen! It also goes great with my branding so that’s definitely a bonus ;)


Tell me about the first time you opened up an Amity box, what were your thoughts when you saw the teacup?

I was so excited that I opened it twice! Daniella left a beautiful handwritten note and I just felt that every personal touch was worth appreciating twice. The cup was even more beautiful then I imagined and it’s now my go-to for my cup of chai!


 Your fav memory which includes a good cup of tea

I think it would have to be meeting one of my best friends. She worked at the cafe in the small town called Maldon - she served my first cup of their homemade chai and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


We all live busy lifestyles when you want to take time out for yourself, what do you do?

Well, I’m lucky enough that I actually travel full-time, last year I got to see fourteen different countries! But I still work full-time as well, so I like to make sure that I’m making the most out of the little moments in between travel and work. I love exploring new places, trying new foods, going to bookstores and yes, watching Netflix! I’m also a bit of a home-body and happiest with my partner and family, wherever we are!

Find out more about Kira and her amazing business here.





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