Talking tea with my tribe: Featuring Anja Strasek

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Through Amity Created, I have had the pleasure of coming across so many beautiful souls and I really do feel blessed to have such a strong tea community.

One of my tea tribe members in particular, has always been that little bit extra supportive and it still shocks me at how we both crossed paths...

I would love everyone to meet Anja, a travel-loving teacup enthusiast, all the way from Brežice, a small town in the eastern part of Slovenia.

Anja and I first came across each other on Instagram, I fell for her wanderlust filled photography and she fell for my teacups. Fast forward a year and she is the proud owner of the entire collection. 

After hearing the passionate way in which Anja spoke about drinking tea, I couldn't help but interview her on the topic. 

Flick the kettle ladies, this is going to be a good one!


"Tea time, for me, is a ritual. A time where the heart opens, when the mind relaxes and the soul comforts" 



It's clear you are a travel and teacup enthusiast! Tell us a little more about yourself.

It's true, I can't imagine my life without traveling and my day without tea. I love exploring different parts of the world and learning about other culture's, history, landscape and of course the ways they prepare their daily cup of tea.

I'm an Engineer of Computer Science by education and I work as a Sofware Developer. Besides tea and traveling, I love reading good books, doing sports and spending time with my husband and our puppy.


Why are you a tea lover and how does drinking tea make you feel?

It might be difficult to explain why I'm a tea lover. It's a part of me, it has been for as long as I can remember. It's who I am.

Tea, for me, is a like a big warm hug from the inside. It's mother's love and it's husband's comforting touch. It's an anchor and a sail, all in one cup. Tea calms me down and it soothes my soul in those moments I can't hear my thoughts. It pumps me up when I'm lacking inspiration and energy. It lets me daydream and makes me set my goals.

Tea time, for me, is a ritual. A time where the heart opens, when the mind relaxes and the soul comforts.


How many cups a day do you drink and what is your go-to blend?

It depends on the day. I would say 2-4 per day. I usually start with black tea with a drop of milk. I love Kusmi's Anastasia, which is like an Earl Gray with a twist.

During the day, I would usually drink another of my favorites, Jasmine Green Tea. This one has been my classic as long as I can remember.

I'm currently obsessing over Kusmi's special Alain Ducasse White Tea, which is light, fresh blend of white tea, strawberries and roses. It is absolutely heavenly. I also love green teas with a twist, for example with a hint of pineapple flavor, like Blue Detox, or with grapefruit, like BB Detox, both from Kusmi.

When I have a lot of work ahead, I usually make myself a big cup of Mate Tea, which is supposed to be good for the brain. This one really pumps me up, so I'm motivated and energized to conquer the tasks for the day.

I also love mint tea, it's the best for the pampering moments, like when taking a bath, meditating or after yoga. I usually end my day with either theine free black tea blend or with a blend of plants and peppermint, such as Be Cool Tea from Kusmi.


How did you come across Amity Created?

I'm always on the alert for beautiful teacups. They make my tea moments, which are so special and important to me, even more enjoyable.

Both my Aunt and my Mom have this great appreciation and love for beautiful teacups, so I must have inherited that from both and it somehow doubled in me.

I stumbled upon Amity teacups on the Internet and I knew I had to have them. First I ordered one, just to see if they were as beautiful as I imagined. When it arrived, it was love at first sight and suddenly I needed to have the whole set, which I now have and they are my absolute favorite teacups (and teapot!) of my whole collection.

Amity Created teacup collection

Which is your fav Amity teacup and why?

Because I'm emotionally attached to all my teacups, answering this question would be like a mother picking her favorite child. I love them all. The blue one reminds me of my wedding, where I had a similar blue pattern as my wedding theme. Others remind me of spring, love, endless fields of flowers. What is not to love? I equally love them all.


Tell me about the first time you opened up an Amity box, what did you think and feel when you saw the teacup?

Receiving my first teacup was like a holiday to me. Since it had to travel approx 14000 km (or 8800 miles), I was afraid it might arrive broken, so my first emotion was relief. Once I held it in my hands, I was so happy, like a little girl just receiving her pony. The whole packaging was stunning and I must admit I kept all the boxes because they are so beautiful.


What is your fav memory which includes a good cup of tea?

When having a good cup of tea, all the memories are my favorite. I think about all the chats I had with my Mom while drinking tea and how my husband always approvingly mumbles “mmmmm” when he sips the tea I made him.

I think about the time I ordered mint tea in Amsterdam and got water poured over a bunch of stems full of mint leaves, which I found so interesting.

I remember how I drank Ceylon Tea in Sri Lanka and how I enjoyed afternoon tea with sweets and sandwiches with my friends in Brighton.

I'm really doubting there can be a bad time when having a tea.


We all live busy lifestyles, when you want to take time out for yourself, what do you do?

If I have time, I make myself a hot bath, which I really love. If it's sunny and my husband is available, we take our dog for a really long, relaxed walk.

Taking a book and snuggling on the couch is also something that recharges my batteries.

If I don't have a lot of time, I grab my favorite teacup and make myself tea. It works every time.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love how I found my Tea Tribe with purchasing the Amity Created cup. I really adore having a space for all tea related things and with no judgments from people who don't share the same love for tea. I'm glad I'm able to be following Daniella's passion and love for tea and teacups and I'm looking forward to everything she'll be creating in the future. I'll make sure I'll have some space left in my cupboard for all the beautiful creations that will be on the way...


If you would like to see more from Anja, head over to her website or follow her @anjenidoma !





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