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Banish the glorification of being busy

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Think about this for a second, when someone asks you how you’ve been and what you’ve been up too, what is the first thing that you tend to say?


Generally, our first and automatic response is something along the lines of, “I’ve been so busy”.




Let’s think about this for a second, because honestly, this is not something we reflect on often, but for some reason, we have this bizarre obsession with being busy.


After we tell someone we’ve been so occupied with our time, we start to list all the things we’ve been up too and it almost always ends with us taking a huge breathe in, out and hinting at our exhaustion.


WHY do we all do this?


Does it make us feel important to have so much to do? Or is it more of a fear-based reason?


For example, is it to do with a fear of not being able to support those around us? And because of this, we choose to overload ourselves with jobs that we think will be of benefit...


Perhaps being busy is just our excuse to keep us away from dealing with things we are feeling inside.


When you look at the idea of overloading ourselves on purpose, to a point of exhaustion, I think it comes down to one reason in particular.


Most people tend to feel guilty when it comes to slowing down or doing things for ourselves.


This guilt occurs for a few reasons;

  1. We don’t want to seem self-indulgent and don’t want to be judged for putting ourselves first
  2. We think that our time and energy is better spent on making sure everyone else is ok first.


Can you relate?


Because of this guilt that we allow to brew inside, we overload our schedules so that we are constantly running around, doing things for others, being ‘busy’, we feel like we are doing what we are supposed to.


We think we are helping, but in reality, by being busy without having a break, it only leads to burning out, hitting a wall and feeling terrible within ourselves.


This not only wears us down, but it means that we don’t actually get to serve those around us in the way we would like to. We don’t work at the best of our ability, we don’t listen to the best of our ability. We provide people with a tired and unbalanced version of ourselves.


It’s time to change our thoughts about being busy and how it’s not always a good thing. If we are overworking ourselves to a point of exhaustion, it’s most definitely a negative for our wellbeing.


We need to recognize when we’re overloaded and when life is too busy. Post this recognition, we need to not feel guilty about injecting some ‘me time’ into our schedule.


Let’s banish the stigma surrounding self-care and the glorification of being busy. It’s time to actually do what’s best for us!




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