5 ways to celebrate Gal-entines day

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You are strong, independent and you DEFINITELY don’t need to rely on others to have a phenomenal V day. BUT, say you do want to celebrate Gal-entines day, grab your best GF's and choose from the list below. 

There are plenty of options, just choose the one that speaks to you and away you go...


  1. The Ultimate Night IN: Netflix, Comfy socks and LOTS of food

Step one is to order your fav food (and LOTS of it, treat yourself!), in the 40 or so minutes that you're going to have to wait for this feast to arrive, get your stretchy pants on and throw your hair up. Why not make the room feel amazing with a few candles or some fairy lights, OH and LOTS of pillows. Comfort is a must. Tonight isn’t just a movie night in, you need to make the most out of it, I’m talking a serious chunk out of a new series! If you need recommendations, email me here and say “D, I need something to watch”, I have your back.

  1. The Blind Date you CAN Count On:  BDWB

Bias but I don’t care, the Blind Date with a Book from Amity Created is so perfect for the bookworms out there (myself included). It’s so easy, just choose a genre you love and I will do the setting up. TRUST ME, I wouldn’t set you up with a lemon, this is the blind date you can count on. They will be there and ON TIME, they will be super mysterious on the outside yet so addictive once you get to know them. PLUS, they come bearing gifts, who wouldn’t want a steaming hot cup of tea as well?

  1. Gather the Gals and cook up a fabulous feast

Not going to lie, this is always such a fun night. When you are surrounded by your favs, everything is always so much better. Why not go all out with an insane platter that spreads across the whole table. Feast, chat and laugh with lots of wine and I promise you, nothing else will matter. PS. Make sure you have good tunes in the background. It ALWAYS sets the tone and creates a fun vibe.

  1. Day of distraction: Do a mini-course, learn a new skill, go out for high tea

Now this one for those that enjoy being a little more hands on. There is ALWAYS something on, from workshops to events. You are guaranteed to find something happening in your city. The only downside is, this one will require early booking. So you will need to be prepared.

  1. Skip the whole darn thing

Honestly, it's just another day in the calendar. If you aren't feeling it. Just move on. Treat it like your average weekday!



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