Your Guide to Supportive Crystals

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Holding them in your hands, on your heart or surrounding your space in protective energy.

How you use your crystals can change each day based on your emotional and mental wellbeing as well as what you are doing in your life.

This month on the Self & Soul blog, I am breaking down the simple and sacred crystals you can draw upon regularly to support and nurture your energy.




Beginning your collection with clear quartz is a must!

This crystal is known as a “master healer” and has incredibly cleansing properties. The energy of this crystal will support you to clear and balance your space and your mind.

Everyone should have a clear quartz of some kind in their collection because they are also an amplifier, so a great idea is pairing this stone with another to enhance the energy and support.



Calming and protective, the amethyst crystal is a beautiful choice for your bedside table or meditation space.

If you’ve been noticing an overwhelm in your emotional state or difficulty grounding yourself, bringing in a tumbled amethyst to hold during night-time meditation will help to soothe and stabilise these emotions. Or simply, place on your desk or workspace and notice the protection from surrounding negativity or anxieties.




 During your journey of building self-love and trust within, a perfect crystal to be supported by is the rose quartz. 

Rose Quartz is best known for its energy of unconditional love. This is a nurturing and calming crystal that can support you through times of discomfort, fear, sadness and grief.

If you have been focusing on self-healing and strengthening your self-worth, carry this crystal with you in your pocket, handbag or even as a bracelet, to affirm the intention you've set for yourself.





Welcoming Citrine into your crystal collection is a neutralising and joyful choice. This stone not only brings in joy, play, excitement and creativity, but it simultaneously releases attachment and stories around lack, fear and negativity.

This is a beautiful crystal for your a desk or creative workspace, as it is said to help concentration, motivation and creative downloads flow.





Drawing on this crystal will help to bring calm into your energy, by surrounding you with a protective shield against negativity or toxicity. I suggest carrying this one in your pocket and even purchasing one that lives permanently in your home.

Obsidian's protective qualities not only create the barrier that protects, but also holds the safe space for you to express and feel your emotions.

Allow yourself to be guided by the crystals energy and your emotions, by holding a tumbled Obsidian in your palm and taking some slow, deep breaths into your belly. You may wish to close your eyes and visual a protective shield being created around you.




This warm, beautiful stone offers protection in a different way. It will amplify an energy of stillness, assurance and trust within as you work on yourself or important decisions.

For example, if you are practicing meditation, journaling or healing work to navigate a situation you have been doubting or questioning, Tiger's Eye is perfect to bring in to support this. It's qualities will enhance your self-reflection practices by grounding your mind and body and releasing stagnant energy.




The beautiful lesson we get to continue to learn from utilising the power of crystals in our lives, is that the energy we feel from them is only amplified from sources within ourselves.

We are our greatest gift and foundation or strength, trust and love.

Allow yourself to be supported and guided toward the things that feel good for you AND continue to come home to yourself, everyday.

Share with us the crystals that have best supported you and the ways in which they have in the comments below or on socials by tagging us at @amitycreated

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