Why being mindful, makes a difference...

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You hear it all the time -  ‘Be more mindful’...


But what does that actually mean?


When we are being mindful, we are bringing our full consciousness, our awareness of whatever it is that we are experiencing at that exact moment to the front of our mind. It is all we see, hear, think and feel.


Sounds like a lot - I know, but recently, I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on this idea and realized that we as human beings, spend so much of our time in a constant state of overload. We are always rushing through our day and checking boxes off our list.


It gets to the point that when we are told to slow down and take it easy, it is more normal for us to push it into the ‘I don’t have time’ basket, rather than actually pausing to be present.


But the thing is, when we become aware, recognize its importance and actually put mindful practices into place - it actually makes such a difference.

Here are the 5 reasons why:


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1: In being mindful, we are pushing away all of the other thoughts that have been weighing us down throughout the day. We let our minds have a mini break to regain balance and to give our body a chance to catch up.


2: We will actually slow down enough to enjoy the experiences of life. The thing is, life is made up of so many good and bad moments, we know that sometimes the good experiences are fleeting. With that said, it is incredibly important to ENJOY the little things along the way. If we don’t, we will wake up one day and think ‘where the heck did my life go’.


3: Practicing mindful things, helps us to take control of our emotions and that pesky inner voice that always seems to get in the way. When we are able to intervene and regulate these emotions, it becomes a lot easier to take control of any anxiety that we feel.


4: When you are mindful, you give your mind enough space to create clarity in all sorts of situations. This clarity will allow you to make better decisions within your life.


5: It makes us feel an increased sense of gratitude. Essentially, the more you listen to your body, take time out for yourself and tune in to particular experiences, the more grateful you become as an individual. When we fill ourselves with gratitude, we stop taking things for granted and live our lives in the best possible way that we can.


Seriously though, the next time you do something for you, whether it be drinking a cup of tea, eating your favorite breakfast, rehydrating with water or sinking into the comfy part of the sofa to open up a new book…


Stop and soak up how you are feeling at that moment, take in the experience, notice the things around you, the emotions and thoughts that brew inside and switch your mind into the present.


why being grateful matters 




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