Top 10 ways to practice self-care

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Self-care is kind of our thing here at Amity Created. We believe that everyone should feel confident enough and worthy enough to take time out for themselves - every single day in some way.


Now, I know that YOU already know the importance of self-care, I’m definitely not telling you anything new there, but knowing how important something is, is very different to actually practicing it and incorporating it into your life.


So when it comes to self-care, I like to call it a work in progress.


In fact, let’s call it a journey.

It’s a journey in educating ourselves that taking time out is actually ok. It’s a journey within, to alter the mindset that links time out to guilt.

Then once we actually seem to get it all down pat, it becomes a whole new journey to remind ourselves to inject it consistently.


Now, as a self-proclaimed self-care advocate, I've put together my top 10 ways to practice self-care.


A quick disclaimer before I begin, let it be made clear that self-care can be practiced in SO many ways and it really does depend on the individual, their lifestyle and preferences. Whatever it is that you prefer to do, as long as you do the things that make you FEEL good, THINK clearly and create BALANCE within your life - you’re good to go.

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The Top 10 ways of practicing self-care


  1. Start with a cuppa: It is such a simple, affordable and comforting way to give yourself a short time out. It really only requires 10 minutes of quiet sipping to make you feel good! A total reset in under 10!


  1. Go to bed an hour earlier and keep your phone in a different room: So often, we go to bed and stay up looking at the screen of our phone for hours. We endlessly scroll through accounts or information that only winds us up and prevents us from having a restful sleep. Hide the phone, let your mind rest - you do enough thinking in the day.


  1. Work it girl: Whether it be yoga, the gym, or a walk around the block - get your heart pumping with some exercise. Also, don’t forget to HYDRATE, it is so important and a basic in terms of self-care.


  1. Read a book: Find something you will either escape into, be inspired by or learn from and commit. Even a few pages a day can give back to you and create space for a break in between your ‘busy’.


  1. Turn your phone notifications off for an ENTIRE day: You will be so surprised at how much more productive you become, how focused you are and how much less comparison you make between yourself and others.


  1. Journal: Whether you are just letting out all the thoughts in your mind, future journalling or documenting your emotions on a given day, journaling is a powerful tool in unlocking what is really going on within. It also encourages us to take time out from the chaos, to recognize how we are feeling, which in turn, allows for it to be easier to help or fix any challenges that are in our path.


  1. Meditate: This is such a beautiful and ancient practice, it has so many variations and most likely is the exact opposite to what you think it is! It all starts with the breath and quieting the mind. If you need a guided meditation, head over here to my good friend Hannah Maree’s Youtube page.


  1. Call in sick and have a day of Pj’s and Netflix: I really believe a self-care day should be a legitimate reason to not go to work, but, seeing as it doesn’t exist, use up a sick day and do NOTHING. Relax and indulge in your favorite show.


  1. Go out to brunch or a meal and nourish your body with something delicious and healthy. Go on your own or even with a friend.


  1. Try something new: It might be a workshop, an art class or something that has been on your bucket list for a while and you haven’t found a reason to try - this is your permission and your sign. Go for it!


 10 ways to practice self-care

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