Slowing down and being grateful with Hannah Maree

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Slowing down, taking a breath and being grateful is the strong advice, given by Hannah Maree - Mindset & Confidence Coach. Advice which had stemmed from her personal experience on how crippling anxiety, stress and life factors can be.


I recently had the pleasure of sitting down, having a cuppa and talking to Hannah about all things self-care, mindset and taking control.

Hannah Maree Mindset coach

Hey Hannah, thanks for joining me! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?


My name is Hannah - I’m a Confidence Coach here on the beautiful Northside of Brisbane.


I empower women to tap into their intuitive power, strengthen their mindset and attract abundance into their lives.


Just consider me your spiritual soul sister haha -  I'm roaming this world searching for the best almond chai latte and sun-soaked beach.



So, spiritual soul sister, what does self-care mean to you?

It really means different things on different days. To me, self-care is listening to my mind, body, and spirit -  and giving them what they need. Some days that means Netflix, avo on toast and a cuppa and on another, it could mean a sweaty workout to show my body love.



Very well put! Is there a favorite thing that you do to create 'me-time' in your day?

Meditation, without a doubt. Adding mindfulness to my day has really changed my life over the past couple of years - It allows me to watch my thoughts, self-talk, and emotions without judgment. It also helps me to find space in my mind and in my day for the grateful action that I'll take next. "Me-time" for me is all about making sure my mindset is right and the first way I do that is by slowing down, taking a breath and being grateful.



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How important is it for us to be conscious of our mindset & why?

Incredibly important. Being conscious is the first step to being able to influence or change a situation. If you're aware of how your thoughts are working, you're much more in control and you'll be able to affect them even faster. If you're not taking the time daily to stop and reflect on your mindset, you're creating habits of thinking negatively, placing blame outside of yourself and letting go of the reigns of your own life.



What are your top 3 tips for tuning in and taking control of our mindset?

#1 - Take 5-10 minutes in the morning to practice meditation. If you don't have time in the morning, make it a priority some time in your day. Stop making excuses that you don't have the time & just find it!



#2 Create personalized affirmations beginning with the two strongest words: "I am...". Beginning your day with affirmations is an amazing way to strengthen your mindset and set yourself up for a day of success. Use the words "I am..." to take control of that moment and manifest your desire into reality.


For example "I am a powerful woman, in control of her success and decisions."


#3 Listen to your intuition with the 5-second rule. Your intuition is there for you every second of the day - you can feel it. Next time you feel your intuition kick in and you have an opportunity to commit or act, but feel hesitant -  use the 5-second rule.


Count backward from 5-4-3-2-1 and by the time you get to 1 you'll be reset and tuned in to your powerful, intuitive brain.


I can hear that meditation has been quite impactful for you, are you able to explain how it has affected you personally? Also, what inspired you to create your own guided meditation sessions?  


Meditation, although it was something that healed me from past fears and trauma, was very hard for me for a long while. I had trouble even closing my eyes to do a 5 minutes session. When I was just 10 I was diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy, which meant my seizures were triggered by flashing lights.


As I began to have tests for my condition, I would be put in a dark room, with a flashing light in front of my face and asked to close my eyes. I knew after this experience I needed to start the healing process, but the second I would close my eyes I'd be having a panic attack.


So, I promised myself I was safe and committed to just 1 minute of meditation at a time. I worked at it for over 2 years and now can say I'm at the stage where I can comfortably meditate for 15-30 minutes at a time without much anxiety.


My inspiration for the guided meditations really stemmed from how I knew from experience how crippling anxiety, stress and life factors can be - we need an outlet and we need time to stop and to detach from our reality. I want to give that to people.  I wanted to be the one to help.


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Fav tea: Chai tea, always :)

Currently reading/watching: Watching: Grace & Frankie and Reading: The Gift of Asking

Star sign: Scorpio

Fav quote: Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.

Fav Amity teacup: Enchanted.. without a doubt!


If you would like to try out one of Hannah’s guided meditations, head over to her youtube and give it a go!




Instagram: @hihannahmaree



Photographer credit: Amanda Campeanu


How to slow down and be mindful 



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