Setting Goals and Intentions for the new year

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Each year brings NEW OPPORTUNITY and as long as we EMBRACE it, the possibilities are unlimited.

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Why set intentions?

 Having intentions gives us a sense of DIRECTION. It creates a path for us to move forward.

Even though we will face different challenges along the way, we have our end GOAL at the back of our minds and as long as the end goal is there, we know that out of the many paths we can take, with DETERMINATION, we will always find a way there.

So the very first thing I recommend you need to do at the start of this new year is to reflect on the year that passed, think about all that you achieved, the struggles or missed opportunity, the lingering dreams. Think about what things you really want to get out of 2018.


 How do I know what is important to me?

For just a moment forget all about the expectation and the pressure. Push through the lies that you may tell yourself and look at the truth. What is it that YOU want? What would make YOU feel happy within yourself? Once you start to ponder on your truth, you will come closer to understanding what your intention should be for the year.


How do I set intentions?

  • Brainstorm what you would love to achieve this year (no lying to yourself, dig deep!)
  • Highlight those that mean the most.
  • Create SMART GOALS


What the heck are SMART goals?


 S Specific: Make them clear and defined. What exactly are you wanting to achieve? Think of the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where & Why)

- Measurable: Know how to identify evidence of your progress and outcomes. What will you see, hear and feel when reaching your goal?

Achievable: With the resources and knowledge you have, is this goal attainable?

 Relevant: Is this goal worthwhile to you and will it meet your needs?

Timely: Do you have enough time to achieve the goal and what is your deadline?


How do I set them and move forward?

  • It’s easier than it seems. You just need to use S.M.A.R.T as a checklist.
  • Put pen to paper.
  • Break it down into small and achievable goals
  • Work each day towards the final goal.


So, get out the pen and paper and give it a go!



Setting goals and intentions








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