Saying NO is self-care!

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Let's be clear, life is as busy as we make it.


YES, things pop up and surprise us along the way- BUT we all have the power to control how we personally respond to situations.
The thing is, when we choose to be EXTRA BUSY, we are doing it to ourselves, we choose to overload ourselves to the point of mental break down.
Why do we do this?
Most of the time it is because we feel like we NEED to otherwise everything will fall apart, the other reason is we often tend to feel incredibly guilty for cutting everything else off temporarily to put ourselves first.
SO below, are my two essentials when it comes to making yourself a priority and YES it will require us to rewire our brain to respond to things differently:
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I can not stress this enough.
We are busy as it is, if something or someone tries to add something onto your plate and you know that it is going to push you over the edge, it is OK to say no. It really is.
We need to become comfortable with saying no to people because realistically if we say yes, we are not going to be giving them 100% anyway. Instead, we will be giving them a less focused, grumpy and frustrated version of ourselves.
If it’s too much, let it be someone else’s issue, trust me there is plenty to go around. I am sure another thing will be knocking on your door soon enough.
Give yourself a little break.
Yes girl, you heard it right. This is me giving you are reminder to give yourself PERMISSION to pause. To break the ‘busy’ cycle.
It’s ok to call in sick and do absolutely nothing, if that is what you NEED to rebalance yourself.
When it comes to putting yourself first, you really have no choice but to look after your well being. Because the reality is, you can’t serve anyone else if you haven’t served yourself properly first.
Take a little time out BEFORE you hit that breaking point.

So it’s true, self-care is not all teacups and snuggling up with a good book. Sometimes self-care comes down to the basics - like saying no and choosing YOU.
saying no is self-care


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