Sacred Practices to Transform your Journaling

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As we consistently and lovingly delve deeper into our journey of self-love and self-care, we get to discover how we can deepen our relationship with ourselves and the practices we use each day.
 Because doing the work and consciously being in conversation with yourself and your soul, doesn’t mean “hardness” – it can look like and feel like whatever you desire it to.
Unsubscribe to the stories that don’t fit with your map of the world and the future you are moving toward. It never has to be hard. Your work on yourself gets to stretch you, challenge you and make you uncomfortable. Switch the language that describes your situation to give yourself grace.

“I have a real passion towards getting more conscious with our wording… I feel it is really important that we get into the conscious habit of being mindful of our words and of the effect they can be having on our subconscious.” – Daniella Elias in Episode 7 Is It Serving You? of the Self & Soul Podcast 


We use our words to describe our reality when we speak AND when we write. Often something we don’t realise is that not only are our words describing our reality, but they are actually defining it. They are creating it. 

This is why igniting our practice of journaling with sacred energy is so essential.




As souls who are consistently showing up in our journals to express, release and manifest, let’s play around with some magic that can open up your language by connecting your words and your world.

Words, writing and journaling are personal and intuitive to each of us. Don’t outsource your creativity and inner knowings. Look for inspiration, be prompted but most importantly trust in your own curiousity and guidance. 

So let’s play in the adventure and openness of making your journal practice much more than a pen and paper...



Your journaling practice whether you are breaking down the limiting stories, channelling or manifesting your future is a creative and feminine flow. This is not a practice that can be structured, in fact, the more you do, the more you will stifle your truth. Release any ideas and stories of what you believe journaling and expression “should” be and drop into what you know to be the truth. Sit with yourself and get curious about your “why” behind journaling.

Often, we journal for a deeper connection to self and to gain insight and understanding of our mind and soul. If this is what you desire, allowing the mess to flow and the imperfection to rise will benefit you greatly. No one is grading your journal: it doesn’t have to make sense. Just allow it to flow. Allow the writing to be messy. Allow yourself to be messy.


Many of us can have the best of intentions when we begin our journaling practice and then it all falls away when we feel the stagnant energy in ourselves. This stagnancy has found you because you are pushing yourself to express from a place of structure, “should” and sense.

Journaling and writing thrives when you give it exactly what it needs. This requires checking in daily and exploring the environment or way you could approach journaling. This might mean jumping in the car and heading to the beach to write or it could mean journaling in a different way than you usually do. If you’re always using prompts, maybe you sit in meditation for 5 minutes before beginning free writing.

As you are consistent with changing with what you need, you will deepen the sacred nature of your journal practice and the insights that are revealed.


Your practice of going inward and exploring things on the page doesn’t just require the page and a pen. Your body is your greatest gift when journaling and expressing as you can use it to support and bring through beautiful lessons. When you begin journaling ensure that you have taken the time to quieten the space and your mind.

As you begin writing get curious about what is going on in your body and you put words onto the page. Do certain words tighten your chest or shorten your breath? Do you expand and feel warmness in your heart space? Use the feelings in your body as signals to go in with more support. Use your breath to breathe through stuckness and resistance.

Deepening your inhales and releasing big sighs of exhales. Bring in music and movement to shift stagnant energy when something needs releasing or you notice the words grinding to a hault. Stand up, shake out your body or move your womb space in a circular motion to activate your creativity.




Our intention is for you to find home and wholeness within yourself and your practice of journaling.



“I am at home in my expression. It is safe for me to explore my inner self and trust what I find.”


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