Prioritising Your Peace

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With the ever present noise of notifications, “can you do this for me?”, housework and trying to stay connected with friends, family and your partner, it has felt increasingly difficult to take a moment to pause.
We desire moments where we can feel clear, grounded and calm within - but often we “never get around” to making space for them.

And as a result, we just continue scrolling, numbing and zoning out because we get to forget it all for a moment (or more appropriately a few hours).
Personal accountability and priorities need to be at the forefront of this conversation. Because if we aren’t taking radical responsibility for our actions, we will continue to blame our lack of peace on our workplaces and mounting pile of washing.
And how does that feel?
If we tune in, we can often see that the cycle of external blaming is making our bodies tight, stiff, sore and full of stress. We hold it in our shoulders, our stomachs and our entire energetic field. 
Take a moment now to feel how your body feels. Feel how your energy feels. What is it trying to communicate to you? Are you listening? How can you honour what it is saying?
Taking responsibility for actions that are creating or adding to stress in your life, is a respectful and sacred act. But radical responsibility doesn’t end at acknowledging and owning what hasn’t been serving you. It goes deeper into understanding and rewriting the narrative of “I’m a victim because I have all of these things to do”.

"When we understand that all of our inner stories are serving us in some way, it helps to work with them and create harmony within ourselves and our lives."

For example, if an individual held the story of “I have no time for rest, I am too busy” - this may be serving them because they do not have to change their behaviour that is comfortable (yet exhausting them) and can use excuses instead of holding space for how they’re not showing up for themselves.
So yes, all stories serve us in some way. But importantly, all of those ways are not positive.
In this example you can see how this negative serving story is keeping the person “safe” - if they continue to allow this narrative they look outside for their comfort instead of inside, they blame others instead of looking at how they get to create their own reality and they live in a cycle of “busy” instead of prioritising the often uncomfortable silence of being with themselves.

Yes our world is busy.

Yes we all have responsibility.

Yes there are daily tasks to get done.


How important is your peace to you?

How important are YOU to YOU?




If you look at your current world (inside yourself & outside yourself), what are the messages that you’re receiving regularly? Your reality manifests because of what you believe and take action on, not what anyone else believes. This doesn’t mean that you’re not impacted by society, friends and family - but how can you take responsibility for your beliefs? If you discover stories that don’t align with you or don’t allow you to feel good about yourself, then you get to prioritise processing and releasing them.
Pay attention to stories and beliefs that relate worthiness to doing. You are worthy because it is your birthright, you aren’t required to be productive, busy or achieving to be worthy.


There is no magic behind making time for yourself, it is there because you choose to do it. Small, consistent responsibility rewrites your reality and builds trust within yourself each day. Begin taking responsibility by working on beliefs and stories, this will help you to visualise and welcome in a world of pausing for peace and it being a priority. To ensure you are decreasing moments of stress and increasing moments of joy, prioritise your pause before anything else. This may mean having it before we begin your day or making it a non negotiable to read on your lunch break. When you decide, schedule and put it first it doesn’t have an option to be forgotten or come last.
You may wish to explore this area by lighting a candle, opening your journaling and getting curious. If you do there are some journal prompts below as well as an intentional prayer to open your space.


“I am wholeheartedly loved and worthy in this moment and all moments. I am going within to reflect and get curious about how I can deepen my support for myself. I am open and flexible. I am respecting what I feel, my body and my energy. I am enthusiastic about my life and my desires and I honour them with boundaries and aligned action. I am spontaneous and intuitive with my self care. I am leading my life with love. I create the reality I desire.”


  • How is being “busy” serving me right now?
  • What am I craving most in my life right now?
  • What do I desire my life to look and feel like?
  • What does peace within mean to me?
  • How would I like to move forward if I knew I would be supported?
  • How can I deepen my love and respect for myself?


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