How to mindfully gift this Christmas

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We are officially 5 weeks out from Christmas and it feels a bit like the silly season has sprung up on us this year. I can almost guarantee that your inboxes have been flooded with countless brands showing off their top picks for Christmas gifts and the many reasons why theirs is the best. 
It can feel so incredibly overwhelming and confusing, especially when we have so many gifts to get. When we take a step back, it can even seem like all the fun is being taken out of the act of gifting and instead, it has been replaced with so many stressed emotions.
This year I have taken it back to basics for myself, I've looked at why we gift, during this season and how we want the special people around us to actually feel. And you know what, I love making my loved ones smile, I love seeing them realise that they are appreciated. 
SO, this brings me to mindful gifting. 
Mindful gifting is when we are choosing things from the heart, we are really thinking about what the recipient would appreciate and connect to.
Not just that, it also take into consideration the business in which you choose to purchase from. Are they a small local business? Do they have values that align with yours? Are they giving back to the community? 
Placing the time and effort into thinking about these things when we choose to purchase a gift makes it incredibly mindful and oh so more rewarding than fast, easy, impulse gifting. 
If you are in need of mindful gift ideas, click here to check out this years Christmas collection. Not only would you be supporting a small Australian business, but you would also be giving back to i=change with every order!

Mindful Christmas Gifting


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