How To Call In Like-Minded Friendships

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For what feels like (and actually has been) lifetimes, our souls have been craving for a place of connection with others that mirrors back our truth.
A warm, accepting environment that allows the true self to shine has been on our hearts to embrace and on the tips of our tongues to speak into existence.
 We know you know the one… the deep knowing that there is a soul family of yours somewhere in this world with open arms, unconditional understanding and love for the “you” that exists at your core.

Real. Intuitive. Consistent. 

This is the energy of the reminders that rise within us at the times we need to remember we are never truly alone. These intuitive feelings consistently find us, delivering us an inner knowing that our “people” are real and closer than we think.
AND, the overarching message in these reminders:

Connect to self to call them in.

As we choose the “conscious practice of listening and responding to what the mind, body and soul needs every day” (listen to Episode #2 Getting Comfortable with Self-Care on the Self & Soul Podcast), we can see relationships and connections fall away that we once held close to our heart. 

Some may fall, some may require a boundary, and some may need clear communicative moments that invite you and your voice to be heard.

 We know these moments. Either because we have avoided them or lived them, or both.

 Trust your truth. Value it. Speak it. Uphold it.

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To feel the connection we long for with others, we get to be curious about what deep, soulful intimacy with ourselves looks and feels like. 

To sit in belonging and gratitude for others, we get to open to ourselves and see the blessing of our uniqueness.

To receive the support we desire from others, we get to delve gently and passionately into how we can hold ourselves and increase our capacity to give.


self care, self love, amity created, friendship


As we continue our journeys of conscious choice each day, we can be guided by these reminders to call in like-minded friendships and soulful connections: 


Affirmation:  “I am me & that is my greatest gift. Being and accepting myself magnetises connections that allow my soul to shine.”

It begins and ends with us as individuals. Finding comfort and capacity in being with yourself lovingly and with acceptance honours who you are at your core. The more consistent you are with making space and time to connect with yourself, you’ll find you feel whole, grateful and at peace just as you are in the moment.

This feeling in your body magnetises those who are on the same journey of love, acceptance and meaningful connections. 


Affirmation: “I am safe in sisterhood/meaningful connections. By taking responsibility for my healing of past hurt, I open myself to more beauty.” 

You are responsible for healing the hurt you have felt from past friendships and connections.

As we desire to welcome in new, supportive and like-minded friendships we must first acknowledge and release anything that is no longer in alignment from our past. Energetically you can only attract and welcome in what you’re ready for, which is why taking responsibility for healing past hurt can be so powerful. By giving space to feel any pain, we process the emotion and it’s stagnancy is released from our bodies and energetic field. As it leaves, we get to experience connections and life in a way that we choose and define.


Affirmation: “I am grateful for my blessings. I am moving toward things and people that feel good, as I do my world expands with love.” 

Our feminine and masculine energies can support us in taking our friendships and connections to the next level. Present moment gratitude and feminine flow will allow your energy to rise higher and focus on your blessings. What you give your focus and attention to will then expand, e.g: you will quickly find more and more blessings and connections flowing into your life.

Equally important to your journey is the masculine energy, which we can drop into to take forward action. Spend your slower, flowy feminine time discovering what you desire in these friendships and then in that clarity activate the masculine by taking grounded action. This might look like reaching out to someone, attending an event or opening yourself up to a new activity.



The good energy and safe haven of friendship is yours to claim. Begin with you and watch as the waterfall of belonging, safety and sharing you desire finds its way to you.



Our intentional prayer for your journey:

“You are worthy of deep, soulful and meaningful friendship. The type that lights your soul on fire, expands your thoughts and validates your experience. Your true friendships and soul family are finding you, they are closer than you think. You are opening your heart to connection and support. You are giving to yourself and to others. You are taking divine and aligned action that feels good and welcome all that you desire. You are worthy of deep, soulful and meaningful friendship.


Give yourself permission to pause &

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