3 tips for candle care

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Over the years we have perfected the perfect candle burn, so today we are sharing our 3 top tips for your candle care.

1.Upon Lighting:

A wood wick candle sometimes takes a few goes to light (and stay lit), we recommend holding a lighter on the wick for 10-15 seconds, lighting the entire wick before moving the lighter away.


Allow the wax to melt ALL the way to the edge of the glass upon the first burn, this creates a wax memory and prevents the candle from tunnelling. You can take your crystal out upon first burn or leave them in for the full 55 hours, totally up to you.

OH and try not to leave your candle burning for more than 5 hours, the glass can get VERY hot and explode.

3. Wick Care:

Make sure to trim your wick in between each burn, use your fingers or a tissue to remove any charcoal on your wick by gentle pinching the edges together. Having excessive charcoal overhang can cause the flame to create black smoke, or can put out the flame entirely. ALSO, if you get black on the glass of your candle, your wick needs trimming, make sure to clean the glass by wiping it with a wet cloth.


OK maybe that was more than 3 - but we couldn't help ourselves.


We hope this helps!


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