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It's more than just a teacup, it's about creating a quiet moment for yourself, every, single day. 

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Achieving self-care daily doesn't need to be hard. It's as simple as 10 minutes a day focusing just on you.  From having a quiet cup of tea, in a special teacup - to getting lost in a beautiful book.

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Slowing down, taking a breath and being grateful is the strong advice, given by Hannah Maree - Mindset & Confidence Coach. Advice which had stemmed from her personal experience on how crippling anxiety, stress and life factors can be.

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Every Wednesday, at 8pm, Daniella updates her tribe over on the self-care list. We talk all things me-time and self-care. The good, the real and all the things in between. If you need guidance with self-care in your life -  this is for you!

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Every few months Amity Created and Kimlligraphy join to hold creative  & mindful workshops. Together they teach how to tune out from the daily hustle and teach the mindful skills of tea meditation and modern calligraphy. 

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